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World renowned Spiritual Medium Kevin Coan has been sharing his amazing gift of readings for over 25 years.  His remarkable ability to relay detailed messages from loved one’s, who have passed over to the other side, have made him one of the world’s top Mediums. His clients span both coasts of the United States and Europe.

Kevin works his gift by using photographs of those passed over to receive his messages from guides. Through his guides’ interpretation and Kevin’s visions, he provides accurate and detailed information relayed by the deceased that not only recount their life here on earth and also relay messages for the future. Clients are astounded by the personal messages they receive as an affirmation of their loved ones spirit and presence in their lives.

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Upcoming Dinner Show Testimonials


China Blossom - MAY 7th

“I went to the Kevin Coan dinner show - twice.  Great program - we had so much fun.”

                 -Audrey S
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